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Happy Tails - Bernie Hi Donna!
Great to hear from you. Bernie (we named him Spencer since we got him in Spencer, Iowa) is doing great! He just had his first Thanksgiving with our families--my mother, Dave's parents and his cousin's family. Spencer charmed everyone with his sweet personality, and of course, everyone loves him.
He's honestly the best dog we could've ever asked for. He's so affectionate and loves to be where we are. He's in obedience classes and doing great. We take him for walks in our neighborhood, and he makes friends with other dogs he meets along the way. One thing we've noticed is he's afraid of fires. We've had a few in our fireplace, and he gets tense and leaves the room. We're just trying to encourage him to stay with us and let him know the fires aren't harmful.
We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too. How are things going at the shelter?
I've attached a few pictures of the little guy. The last two are from a photo shoot we did with a friend. It was hard to keep him from kissing our faces. :)
Happy Tails - Bernie two

We would love to hear from you and your furry family members. If you have a Happy Tail you'd like to share with us please send us an email! Don't forget to send some pictures.


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